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integrative massage
Looking to ease or get rid of that chronic pain? Trying to recuperate from an injury? My integrative massage combines various therapeutic techniques to bring about the transformation you’re looking for.

trauma touch therapy™
Don’t let the experience of a traumatic event affect your mind, body and spirit. The bodywork of Trauma Touch Therapy™ helps you move past it and into a more empowered place.

cranial sacral therapy
What if you could improve the functioning of your central nervous system, release stress and remove restrictions that may be keeping you from being your best? Now you can! Encourage your body’s natural healing with this gentle technique.

lymphatic drainage massage
This is a powerful, yet gentle technique with dramatic results. I use it to diminish fluid retention, to speed recovery from injury or surgery and as a great immune booster.

relaxation massage
Sink in and relax. Long gliding strokes and gentle kneading to ease the stress right out of your body. Lots of extra focus on head, hands and feet, of course. Ahh!

traveling chair massage
Add a special touch to an event or as a reward for hard-working employees. Book a traveling chair massage for the muscle loosening relaxation and stress relief that's sure to keep them raving long after the massage itself!

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